Hinton Insurance has agents licensed to do business in Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Michigan, Missouri, North Carolina, Ohio, Texas, as well as Illinois.

If you are a resident of these states and looking for a senior health insurance advisor, please contact us. We also appreciate referrals of your family and friends that reside in these states.

It is our goal to provide information to help you make good decisions regarding your health and life insurance. Insurance options can seem complex. We will discuss your needs and explain options.

Our Home Office Is Located In Centralia, Illinois, but also operate remotely from several locations.

Begining June 1st, face to face meetings will be scheduled on a limited basis. The remote method will remain the preferred method until we are declared completely open. Whatever the external conditions are, we will be able to meet your insurance needs in an efficient way.

About Hinton Insurance

After a long career in health care as a Registered Nurse, Patty joined the business in 2017 As someone who has always been a natural caregiver, whether as a nurse, daughter, wife, mother or grandmother, Patty has found that helping people navigate the sometimes complex health insurance path with compassion and empathy was a natural fit.

Sadie, the Labradoodle joined the business two years ago. Her official title is Office Greeter. She meets guests with joyous enthusiasm. Sadie showers everyone with love, sometimes overwhelmingly so. Anyone having a bad day should pay a visit to Sadie. She will send them home with a smile.

After being educated and beginning his career in teaching in the early 60’s in central Illinois, George moved into the region to take a position as a college instructor at Kaskaskia College. In 1997 George retired from education and started a new career in the senior insurance industry. He holds licenses to sell insurance products in several states and is certified to sell most all Advantage and Part D products. As a long time teacher, George brings teaching into his insurance business. He is first and foremost a teacher, believing that clients need to understand their many options and then they are prepared to chose the insurance product best suited to meet their personal situation.

Business information:

Many changes have been necessary in how we do busines since the beginning of the pandemic
During these unprecedented times we have adapted to how we can continue to meet your
needs in a safe, responsible manner. Although we may not be seeing each other face to face we are here for you.

Insurance companies have made it possible us to access information on your behalf and
complete applications on-line for plans that you select. We are here to help you though phone
calls, Zoom and email. For those who do not have computer access we will use the mail or for those who are local, forms needing your signature will be left in the mailbox on the front of the building. We will find a way to help you regardless of your situation.
Our service and commitment to helping you has not changed. We are here for you. This is a
difficult time for all of us, but when we stand together, we can make it work and we can curtail the spread of the virus. Stay safe and call with questions or concerns.

We are contracted with over 20 companies to offer their products. Final expense(life insurance over 10 companies

A full range of ancillary products including dental, vision, hearing, cancer, heart, stoke, short and long term care. Traditional health insurance with three companies which includes short term and marketplace.

We are here for you!

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“George Hinton was able to educate me better than anyone around on Medicare Supplements. I was unaware of most of the stuff he explained to me.”

“I am so thankful I found Hinton Insurance and was able to find my grandmother something affordable. Don’t hesitate to give Hinton Insurance a call.”

“Check out the FAQ Page here on their website. I was able to find out all kinds of information I didn’t know about.”

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